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General: You must be 18 years old and legally able to own a knife in your state to purchase a knife from Black Earth Knives, LLC.  Seek professional guidance before using our knives.  By accepting and using our knives you are assuming all responsibilities and will not hold the Maker / Owner or its affiliates and associates of Black Earth Knives, LLC. responsible for any illegal activities or lawsuits.  The Maker / Owner or its affiliates and associates of Black Earth Knives, LLC. are not responsible should you; hurt, cut, maim or kill any living thing, yourself or others with our knives. You are also responsible for knowing your own state laws and guidelines.


LIABILITY: At no time will Black Earth Knives, LLC., the owner, or its associates be liable to you for damages, including any general, special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use any of our products, or harm caused to yourself or others. 


RETURNS / EXCHANGES / SHIPMENT:  Abused knives will not be replaced or refunded.  Using a knife for a purpose other than its intended is your risk and responsibility.  You may only return knives that were damaged in shipping or opened and unused.  Black Earth Knives, LLC. will not pay for shipping back to our location.  That is the buyer’s responsibility.  Exchanges may be made for the same model of knife only.  The knife must be in the condition it was shipped; that is, unused. A knife that was used, scratched or modified in anyway will not be accepted.  The knife must be returned in the original packaging for returns and exchanges.  Although these items are packaged properly it is not inconceivable that transit related damage might occur.  Inspect your order when it arrives to verify that no damage has occurred. Report any damage to Black Earth Knives, LLC. immediately.


REFUSAL OF DELIVERY:  If you refuse delivery of the knife when it arrives at your location you will still be charged for shipping to include return shipping charges to Black Earth Knives. WARRANTY:  A Black Earth Knife, LLC. blade will carry a 5 (five) year warranty.  A 5 (five) year warranty is for the knife and not the consumer.  This warranty is void if there is evidence that the knife has been abused.  Since most of our knives are “one of a kind” an exact replacement may not be available. Black Earth Knives, LLC. reserves the right to congruent replacement models.


ABUSED KNIFE CLAUSE: Do not use a Black Earth Knife, LLC. for any other purpose than what it was designed for.  Our knives are not to be used for prying, shoveling, picking, throwing, or hammering.  Do not use our knives as a screwdriver, axe, or pry bar. Chopping bricks, stones, or metals is not considered normal use and is not considered recommended for other than emergency situations.  By doing so you assume the risk to your life, limb and property.  Again, abused knives will not be refunded or replaced.

KNIFE MAKING METHOD:  The knives are made by hand with basic tools. They are not CNC machined.   Stock removal methods are used to construct the blades.

ALLOYS: Knives are made from high carbon, San Mai, Damascus, or stainless steel.

HANDLE MATERIALS:  Black Earth Knives, LLC. come with a variety of handle materials.  You may choose from natural woods such as walnut, oak, maple, cherry or man-made materials such as G-10, kevlar, carbon fiber, or Micarta.  Please note natural woods (even though stabilized) will not take the abuse that G10, Micarta™, or carbon fiber will.

SHEATHS:  Knives will come with a kydex™ sheath.  Numerous Kydex™ colors are available.  If you would like a leather sheath that option is available for an additional cost based on the size of your blade.  Ask for a leather quote when ordering.  Your leather sheath will be basic and utilitarian.  If you require a high-speed professional leather sheath it is recommended that you seek a leather maker out on your own.

MAKERS MARK:  The maker’s mark (SAVAGE) will be elctro-etched into the steel.

CUSTOM ORDERS:  Custom orders will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Knives will be resharpen that were purchased from Black Earth Knives, LLC. at our discretion.  All other modifications such as; reprofiling, jimping, finger choils, lanyard holes, or thumb ramps cannot be added.  When you purchase a knife from Black Earth Knives, LLC. it is understood that you accept the knife as is.  Black Earth Knives are made by a human with basic tools, not by a computer controlled machine.

PAYMENT: Payment is via credit card, US Dollars, Paypal, US Postal money order, or personal check.  

SHIPPING:  Black Earth Knives, LLC. ships world wide but international buyers assume the risk of shipment. This includes APO and APE.  Cost will be not more than $15.00 for USPS Priority mail to the lower 48 states, if your order weight is less than 7 pounds.  If for some reason USPS priority mail does not work for your shipment, other arrangements may be made on a case-by-case basis.  UPS is an available option.

KNIFE CARE:  All knives should be kept clean.  Knives made from high carbon steel requires minimal maintenance.  Specifically they need to be “oiled”.  This may be accomplished by coating your blade with a product such as Ballistol or WD-40.  You may also use gun, olive, or mineral oil.  Be sure to periodically clean and oil your knife even when not in use. Black Earth knives, LLC. / the maker is not responsible if you neglect your knife and it rusts or corrodes.  Liquids will rust your knife this includes blood. Keep your knife dry, lubricated, and sharp.

BLADE EDGE: Every knife that is shipped from Black Earth Knives, LLC. will have its original bevel of either a flat, hollow, saber, convex, chisel, or scandi grind.  It will have a bevel of approximately 22 degrees.  All knives will be shipped sharp with an initial edge but it is your responsibility to sharpen to your liking. Edge care is an important aspect of your knife’s longevity and your safety.

SHEATH CARE:  Kydex sheaths may be cleaned with simple soap and water.  Do not use harsh chemicals as this may damage the kydex.  Remember that any dirt or grit inside of your sheath may damage your blade.  Leather sheaths may be cleaned with leather soap or wiped clean with a damp cloth.  A good leather preserver or petroleum jelly will keep you sheath in top condition. 


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