Knife prices are based on the materials used.  For example, a standard carbon steel blade with a basic handle and kydex sheath will be the least expensive.  A damasteel or damascus blade with an exotic wood handle will cost nearer the high end of the pricing scale.  The models shown below are a starting point to give you a rough estimate of style and cost.  Send me a message for a more accurate project price.

The Lil' Squirt

The Lil' Squirt is designed for smaller hands or those that just prefer a smaller knife.  This blade would make a great first knife for a young person.  Starting at $175.

The Lil' Skinner

The Lil' Skinner is a great palm of your hand skinner.  Some times called a three finger knife.  Starting at $175.

The J.S.

The J.S. model is named after my mentor, Legendary knife maker Johnny Stout.This knife is a great size for your hunting knife or an everyday carry blade.  As you see it can be made with a variety of blade steels and handle combinations.  Comes with a kydex sheath or for an additional charge a custom leather sheath.


This knife is a blade once traditionally carried by Japanese men and women of the Samurai class.  Now days it is often used by women in the garden.  The blade pictured here is carbon steel with combined carbonfiber, brass, and rosewood handle.  Prices start at $200.

The Toad Sticker

The Toad Sticker is one of my more popular blades.  It can be made from a variety of steels and handle materials as you see here in the pictures.    Prices start at $275.

The Duncan

The Duncan is a popular blade here at Black Earth Knives.  It can be made from a variety of steels and handle materials although I usually choose damascus as you see here in the pictures.   It can be made with or without the glass breaker at the butt end. Prices start at $275.

The Dakota

The Dakota is a medium to large bushcraft and or hunting blade.  It has been kitted out with many different variations of steels and handle materials and remains a strong seller here at Black Earth Knives. Prices start at $275.

The Mini-Cleaver

This unique chisel ground utility blade has myriad uses.  I often sell them to workers that need to scrape or cut, or, even dig during their workday.  The ones pictures here are made from 52100 carbon steel.  The same steel ball bearings are made from. Pricing starts at $275

The Bowie

The Black Earth Knives Bowie is the largest knife I make.  It has two hand positions so that you may choke up for finer work or hold back for chopping.  Your choice of steel and handle materials dictates the price.  Pricing starts at $500