Thanks again for recommending the Savage knife for Army SERE school. The environment and employment of a knife in a survival situation is one of the most vital pieces of equipment a survivor needs. Over a 3 week period I utilized the knife in a multitude of ways, to include a makeshift digging tool when necessary. Make no mistake, I put the knife through a vigorous test and let me be the first to say, the knife performed flawlessly in every situation. The knife maintained its edge well, even after I used it as a hatchet to split wood for a fire. Other men were confident the knife would break, but the knife worked perfectly. I would recommend this knife to anyone that could potentially find themselves in a survival situation, as well as hunters and fisherman alike. I am confident it will meet and surpass your expectations and any demand you place on it.   v/r  - "D"

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Blades are available in Damascus steel.

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US Army SERE School

Thank you for visiting my website.  Please use the links above to navigate throughout the site to learn a bit about my shop and to view my knives.  Black Earth Knives makes "go" knives, not "show" knives.  These are knives that you will use and then pass down to your children or grandchildren.

All knives are handmade with precision and care, giving you a customized knife.  Attention to detail is paramount in every knife built. Blades are made from a variety of steels such as stainless steel (AEB-L, 440C, CPM154CM), high carbon steel such as 52100 (ball bearing steel) and 1095, damascus, or San Mai.  High carbon steel requires minimal care.

Below are some examples of feedback that Black Earth Knives received from customers. If you purchased a knife and would like to provide feedback on your experience, please do so.

  • One look at this knife and you can tell that it was created with the outdoorsman in mind.  I have owned many knives over the years but this is the type of knife that a man passes down to his son.  True Quality.  T.H.

  • ​This knife is absolutely perfect.  I took delivery this weekend and I am truly impressed with the craftsmanship.  I showed it to some friends and they wanted to know where they can get one.  I pointed them in the right direction.  -B.B.

  • Absolutely love this little knife, perfect size and just beautiful!!  Love the sheath!  Thanks so much.  -V.P.

  • Do yourself a favor, if you want a custom knife with expert craftsmanship at a reasonable price save time and check out Scott.  Easy five stars.  - M.F.

  • I received the knife just as described and was absolutely impressed with the quality and craftsmanship.  Scott stands behind his work and is a perfectionist when it comes to the details as is shown in this knife.  I am planning the purchase of two more blades for each of my kids, these are knives they will have for the rest of their lives.  -J.M.

  • I bought the DK knife that Scott made for me to take to Dave Canterbury's Pathfinder School.  I have to tell you that it is definitely a working bush knife.  The DK worked above and beyond what I was capable of.  At one point I had to baton a 3 1/2" branch to make feather sticks for starting a fire.  I figured what the heck, I'm going to see what this knife is capable of.  If I break it, I break it.  I batoned the hell out of that knife to split the branch and it worked great.  I used the spine to scrape fat wood into shavings for starting fires.  I also used the spine to strike a Ferro rod for spark and worked perfectly.  The only thing ready to give out was my hand from having to use the DK so much during those 3 days.  Trust me, in those 3 days I started more fires than 50 arsonists.  Also, those of you who know what feather sticks are you know that you need a very sharp knife capable of slicing very, very thin strips of wood to make them.  The DK performed this task very well.

     If you were thinking of buying a knife for the bush, I would encourage you to have Scott make one of the DK's for you.  This is a knife that I will pass down to one of my girls, Thank you very much Scott. You did a terrific job making this knife.  It performed very well.  I think perhaps another one of your knives will be in order in the near future.  Thanks again.  -D.K.

  • I knew it was going to be nice but I set my expectations a little low.  This will be the best knife I ever used / owned.  Scott did a great job making my knife!  -P.L.

  • ​Beautiful knives Scott! I love the look and feel of my new treasure. You exceeded my high expectations!  -J.G.

Custom Made blades

The pictures below illustrate the before and after of a Black Earth Knives Spear-point blade used by an SF Soldier after it went through the US Army Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) school at Ft. Bragg, NC. The testimonial you see below, was sent to BEK after the Soldier completed the course. High praise for a BEK blade to be sure. The blade looks a bit beat up, but the SERE course isn't a classroom situation. The knife is made from O1 Steel with OD layered micarta scales. I removed the names within the testimonial for OPSEC, but the body of the message is intact below.

Bushcraft, Hunting, and Outdoorsmen Knives

When you order a knife there are various woods to choose from such as walnut, maple burls, and buckeye burl.  Exotic woods are available as well.

"The value of a knife is more than the sharpness of its edge.  It also comes from the artistry of the person who makes it.  When you receive a handmade knife, that is one of a kind, you are receiving a knife made personally for you"  -Guillermo Mendoza, Argentina

For inquiries email BlackEarthKnives@gmail.com