This BEK Lil' Skinner was made from CPM154CM.  It was stone washed and acid etched to give it a darker look.  The handle scales are Padauk with blue G10 liners and brass corby bolts.

This BEK Dakota model  is cut from a billet of Alabama Damascus Steel.  The handle is black and blue G10 with stainless steel corby screws.

This BEK DK model is cut from CPM154CM steel.  The handle scales are black canvas micarta with gray liners and brass pins.  This bushcraft blade is right at home on your next hike.

This knife is a tanto cut from a billet of Alabama Damascus steel.  The handle is black and blue layered micarta with carbon fiber tubes.

This chisel ground cleaver is made from .25" 52100 steel and has a black and battleship gray layered Micarta™ handle.

This blade is an original BEK design that was used at a Dave Canterburyoutdoor survival school.  A large bush knife made from O1 steel with black linen Micarta™ scales and orange G10 liners.  Featuring a TekLok™ in scout carry configuration.

The BEK Sully model is ready to go on your next adventure.  Be it to the campground, hiking trail, or overseas.

Below are pictures of customer's knives.